Simply find the weight per square inch associated with the type of paper you're using. Calculate the total square inches of your piece and multiply it by the weight per square inch listed in the chart.

ook, text weight papers & bond
Weight per square inch
50# offset or text/20# bond
.00168 ounces/square inch
60# offset or text/24# bond
.00202 ounces/square inch
70# offset or text/28# bond
.00236 ounces/square inch
80# offset or text/32# bond
.00269 ounces/square inch
100# offset
.00337 ounces/square inch
105# or 7 pt. reply card*
.00353 ounces/square inch


Cover papers
Weight per square inch
60# Cover
.00369 ounces/square inch
80# cover
.00492 ounces/square inch
100# cover
.00615 ounces/square inch
8 pt. C1S*
.004 ounces/square inch
10 pt C1S*
.0047 ounces/square inch
12 pt. C1S
.0055 ounces/square inch

*Some papers are measured in thickness, not weight. We've listed average weights for these papers. Check with your printer for an exact weight.

A few examples

  • An 8 ½ X 11 sell sheet printed on 80# gloss text: The total square inches are 8.5 X 11 = 93.5. Multiply this by .00236 ounces per square inch and you end up with .2207 ounces.
  • A brochure printed on 80# gloss cover with a flat size of 11 X 25 ½. The total square inches are 11 X 25.5 = 280.5. The weight from the chart is .00492 ounces per square inch. The weight is therefore: 280.5 X .00492 = 1.38 ounces.
  • An 8-page plus cover price list with a finished size of 8 ½ X 11. The interior is on 60# gloss text and the cover on 60# gloss cover. Each four-page spread has a flat size of 11 X 17. The interior is two four-page spreads or 374 square inches. The weight of the interior is calculated as such: 374 X .00202 or .755 ounces. The cover is only one 11 X 17 so the calculation is 187 X .00369 or .69 ounces. The total weight of the price list is .755 + .69 = 1.445 ounces.

Notes about paper and using the chart

  • Paper weighs the same regardless of finish; 70# uncoated offset weighs the same as 70# coated gloss text or a 70# text sheet with a felt finish. 
  • Text sheets weigh the same as bond papers. 50# offset weighs the same as 24# bond. The equivalents are shown below.
  • Paper is manufactured to a tolerance of +/- 5%. If the weight you calculate is close to an important level ask your printer for a dummy of the piece. She should be able to give you one constructed from the actual paper that will be used for the job.
  • Don't worry about the weight of ink or staples. If the weight you calculate is close to an important level please get a dummy from your printer for an accurate weight.