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Booklet Printing

Booklets brought a revolution, and they can revolutionize your business too!

Thomas Paine wrote a booklet called, Common Sense in 1776 and it changed a nation. Booklets (normally about 8-28 pages) have always had the power in inform or persuade because they offer concise information in compact form.

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We can help you accelerate the creation of your booklet, and maintain high quality, by using files in the Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF).  It’s an easy and efficient way to create a booklet, and since it’s a portable format, we can print it no matter where you may be located.

The process is easy: You can design a booklet in virtually any software, like MS Word, MS Publisher, QuarkXpress or InDesign, and turn it into an Adobe PDF for proof and printing. If you would prefer, we can do all the design work for you. Once you’re satisfied, you select one of these booklet printing services:

For Quick turnaround - Digital Printing/Copying
Digital printing provides for cost-effective booklet printing. Print short-run color, black & white copies, or originals straight from your disk.
For Large quantities - Offset/Web Printing
Offset and Web printing allows for more efficient and cost effective large print runs including booklets, catalogs, manuals, books and other higher quantity orders.

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Business Card Printing
     Sometimes a business card is the only impression your client will have about you or your business, so you want to make sure it conveys the message you want to send.
Postcard Printing
     You can build your business with postcards! A unique image on one side and a powerful sales message on the other is a hard combination to beat.
Brochure Printing
     Your potential customers will form opinions quickly, and you can win them over immediately with eye-catching full-color brochure printing from Creative Solutions Canada.
Sell Sheet Printing
     A sell sheet is an attention-grabbing page that summarizes your product or service. They are most effective when they contain a photo of your product or service and a tightly written summary...
Flyer Printing
     When you need to reach the masses on a small budget, use a flyer to get the word out about your product or service. They may be a cheap form of promotion, but with the right message and the right image...
Poster Printing
     Posters have worked for film companies and circuses for years, and now, due to the fact that technology has lowered the prices of posters, you can benefit from this wonderful way...
Sign & Banner Printing
     We have the tools and talent to create an attractive sign or banner for your business, organization or event. Proclaim your message proudly!
Catalogue Printing
     We can help you create beautiful catalogues. We offer professional service and quality workmanship to insure that your catalog has the sales impact you need...
Manual Printing
     Most manuals or guides contain information designed to help someone use a product or service. We know that companies like yours invest a lot of money on technical writing in order to add value and reduce support costs...
Newsletter Printing
     There is no more cost-effective way to share your mission with your constituency than a printed newsletter. Whether you’re a non-profit organization sending a newsletter to your members or a corporation sending a newsletter to stockholders...
Booklet Printing
     Booklets have always had the power in inform or persuade because they offer concise information in compact form.
Letterhead Printing
     All letterhead printing is not equal. Letterhead printing requires attention to detail because your stationery is your ambassador to your clients and vendors...
Business Forms Printing
     Using business forms will help you increase efficiency and cut costs by having a standardized way to collect and share information.
Stickers, Labels & Decals
     Stickers, labels and decals provide a powerful sales message for a small price. The places where they can be used are limited only by your imagination.