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Digital Printing is the reproduction of digital images on regular paper, photographic paper, and other printable surfaces. Digital Printing differs from Offset printing in that the ink does not absorb into the paper, as does conventional Ink, but forms a layer on the surface. It requires less waste in terms of chemicals used and the paper wasted during the set up process.

Digital Printing is used primarily for small quantity short-run printing and Variable Data Printing jobs that require a quick turnaround. This option is a cost-effective method for Full Color or B&W booklets, business cards, catalogs, magazines, manuals or multi-page brochures.

Digital Printing is Eco-friendly

CSC uses only Xerox brand Emulsion Aggregation (EA) toner. This is not the toner you use in your copy machine. EA toner differs from traditional toner in that it is chemically grown enabling the size, shape and structure of the particles to be precisely controlled which leads to improved print quality, less toner usage, less toner wasted and less energy required for printing. Digital printing is a great way to be eco-friendly by lowering waste, harmful chemicals and pollutants in the environment.

Traditional print set up methods consisted of making a large number of reproduced copies from pre-set printing plates. The advantage of Digital Printing is that nothing is pre set, and each order may be varied and customized to your printing preferences.