Personalized Marketing easy!

Do you have a marketing message and a database?
You can deliver relevant, targeted message that yields a higher return on your marketing investment = happy clients and increased orders!

Help your customers succeed with relevant marketing!
Products, services and promotions change rapidly in companies. Who wins the client or project? The majority of the time the selling advantage goes to those companies who can deliver customized, personalized materials to their customers.

Variable Data Printing (VDP) is Eye-catching and personal!
Variable data printing offers so much more than just name personalization:
VDP is only possible on digital printing equipment and makes “mass-customization” of documents possible as opposed to the “mass-production” of one single document/layout (using conventional offset printing methods).

Marketing campaigns driven by VDP allow each record of your data to be applied across a set of predetermined template rules resulting in a customized and personalized communication with unique images and content. CSC offers effective solutions to accommodate your personalized campaigns at quick turn-around times.

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