Stickers will stick in the minds of your customers!

Stickers, labels and decals provide a powerful sales message for a small price. The places where they can be used are limited only by your imagination.

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  • Artists can create and sell packages of imaginative stickers
  • Manufacturers can label products or offer decals as promotional items
  • Trades people can apply stickers with contact information on equipment they service
  • Automotive people can put their stickers in cars they work on
  • Business people can put stickers on existing letterhead/envelopes for special promotions
  • Anyone can create bumper stickers to support their cause

The options are endless, and at Creative Solutions Canada we can advise about the best kind of sticker, label or decal to use for your particular situation. We can help you select:

  • Size, shape and color
  • Fonts or images
  • Materials and adhesives
  • Stock items or custom products

Let us know how you intend to use the sticker, label or decal and we will supply you with options and a quote. We create your stickers, labels and decals and send them to any North American address.